Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sylvan Lake

We headed out to Sylvan Lake for the day and had fun. When we got there it was warm but windy, we thought it was going to be a crap day, but it soon heated up and we had tons of fun. Poor Jake almost lost his life as Tim chased him, thank God Jake is super fast. By the time Tim got him, the lifeguard said no rough housing!

The drive down was super eventful as you can see by pics. Jake and Nick were INSANE!


Scotty is going back to Arkansas for a few months so we decided to get together and go bowling. Scott is a bowling dude and has played since he was 3 years old. We also finally got ot meet his fiancee Sasha, she really really does exist!

Marci and I

Scotty figuring out how to be cool!

I got a spare... and the ball did not go in the gutter!
Marci and Mandy
Scotty Bowls another STRIKE!!!!
Love this pic of Marci, she bowled all the last game all by her sef for all 4 players, she rocked!
Sasha and Scotty
Scotty and Marci

We had fun!!


I can not believe school starts in 3 weeks. I have done no planning yet! I am moving in a few weeks too. I have not finished packing, or even booked a truck or movers. Still have to go on holidays too....... thank God we are homeschoolers!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Mommie

My beautiful Mama passed away after a courageous struggle with cancer. She is one of the strongest woman I know.
There are so many lessons I learned from her and so many things I am today because of her. There were many times I felt growing up that I was robbed of a family but I realize now that still was taught many lessons though my life because of how I was raised.
I miss her and wonder how she felt in her last days. She was as impatient as ever in dying too though. Once she decided she was ok with dying, she could not figure out what was taking so long. She was unbelievable strong and I am so happy she is at peace and seeing her angels she loved so much!

35 LBS

35 Lbs

I am down 35 pounds. I can not believe it! It has been super hard but I must say feel great... sort of! I feel so much healthier, so much stronger and I love it but I still have a ways to go!

I have done things I never thought were possible. A friend reminded me of what I said in the beginning of this journey; we were doing sit ups and I found it so hard because I had this gut in the way. I remember saying that and it was so hard to sit up with the fat there. I can not do it ups with no problem, they do burn after a bit but I have no issue with space :0)

I am stronger mentally as well. I am just feeling great! Bigger Loser is over in 2 weeks and I may d the fall session still, depends on trainers. But whatever happens I will keep going!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bigger Loser

It is done, the spring course and I am 18 lbs lighter and a whole lot healthier. My leg is still sore a lot and I learned a lot about myself and life but the course was great
I came in 4th with a other girl, never thought I did that much! Busted my butt. 
I start the summer course in 2 weeks and I am excited for that, same trainer, a little nervous about that :0)
I have to figure out food though, this is my goal. I have working out down to an art but I need to eat more..... funny it is not usually an issue of not enough food. But I will get there. I have to eat more, but I am never hungry. And I do not get super hungry. I think part of that is because I do not like to cook, but I must get on it.
I am proud of me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sometimes in life things go a little wonkey! I have been doing bigger Loser at the gym, losing weight, 18 lbs so far. I have to move as the place I live in will not allow Takoda anymore. I have done all my divorce papers and filed. I have started going out with friends. I go to the gym alone and love it. But life has been filled witha lot of strange things lately and I must say Life is a wonderful place with my girlfriends. You all know who you are and you all listened to me, I said I was totally wonked for a bit. Thanks for all you have done and helping me figure the things out I needed too.
I miss California when I could just see everyone and have a blast. Go to the beach, pool parties, I should come out for the 4th of July...oh my was the 4th of July fun. Remember Pam's parkign issues? Going shopping, the science center, going all over with no plan but having a ton of fun anyways! The beach with 1000 stairs and the surprise at the bottom.I even miss the 405, maybe not too much! I am creating a life here but it is just different. I am happy but I wish you were here.
I love you...and you know who you are!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bigger Loser

We have one week left and I am shocked at all the emotions I have experienced. Funny how for the first time in 19 years I have been focusing on myself and what a trip!
Easy to start with is my newest friend Amanda. She is a youngin but she pushes me all the time, MAKES me meet her at the gym. When we work out together we have so much fun. This morning we had to run stairs in the stadium for 1 hour at 6:30 am. Amanda was not the happiest, super tired and just worn out. Well after bitching forever, she said something so funny I almost choked on my water. After that we were laughing so hard, we could barley breathe. I HATE stairs, but with Amanda they were just fun!
Then there is trainer Amanda, she is... well... umm ....lets just say words can not discribe her. I love her, NOT that WAY, she is nuts. She is tough, she pushes and pushes and pushes me to work my butt off... literally. BUT she has also listened to me and I mean some strange things have came out of me latley. One day I was so bitchy with her and snapped at her and just was plain ignorant, she talked to me after, and I cried. Not for being mean to her but just life. Did you hear that, I cried. Ok I went for a run but I actually cried. Nuts huh? But she was just present. I can't explain it. She is young like 6 I think, jk she is in her 20's, I think 24, but she has an old soul and I appreciate her so much.
The class is coming to an end, but they are having a summer one, I joined. But I have to say that this first class has been unbelievable. From now on it will be just normal, but I am ready for that.
What have I lost so far??? 13 lbs, not a ton but it is coming off like crazy!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The boys...I love these Sweet guys!

Caden has always been a special little man in our lives but ow he added a new special guy, Evan Ryan, he is the cutest little peanut! Their mom is amazing too, I love her too!

Tatyanah and Evan
Me and little Evan!

Caden, Evan and Cindy( the amazing mama)

Children's Festival

The Children's Festival is the start of our summers adventures and festivals in Edmonton and area...... this was Tatyanah's first year she was able to volunteer and she was so excited... she, Jake and I were there every day, except Saturday, although Tatyanah was there then too!

You had to pedal the bike super fast and this guy would start talking away and water would trickle from all over him, then he would sneeze and spray water everywhere, the kids loved it! Cindy thought is was... different! Tatyanah is pedaling her butt off!

Here Jake is going like crazy on the bike, the kids loved it!

The cool tree guy!
Jake is obviously having the time of his life!
Watching a show...Rai, Remy, Jake, Tatyanah with Caden in her lap and lots of others!
Jake and Tatyanah were volunteers this year, they had so much fun, they helped in so many areas, it was great to see them working so hard and helping everywhere! I also volunteered but this day I was not with them, here they are working together in paper-making!


Jake's new camera

Jake got a new camera and his pictures are amazing.....

Grandma Farmers new puppy!
The fair from a ferris wheel

Grandma farmers's flowers

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bigger Loser Update

Ok I love Biggest Loser at our gym but I am sad that we are already half way there. I have lost 9 lbs in 4 weeks and love how I feel. Not because the weight loss, it is so darn minimal, but I am so active now, I have all this insane energy!

HOWEVER, I really hurt my right leg BAD. After doing physio and pushing through some excruciating pain. The at a class we were being held by a bungee cord and had to run, my partner accidentally let go and I got a sweet bruise, a big sweet bruise. Then I went camping and fall FLAT on my back and head. I could not move at all. Well after physio, chiropractors and taking it easy, I am feeling mostly functional.

I LOVE my trainer, Amanda, she is this tiny little sprite that I would be terrified to make mad. But she is great, I do not know why but she is somethin' else. She is mean too, pushes so darn hard but she is great!

Then there is my newest partner in crime, Amanda, she does not quit. We are the same size and she is out to lose, pushes me beyond reality. Tonight we worked out for 2 hours and it was awesome, felt great and laughed so hard at times. We did 6 laps, 3 sets of 4 flight stairs, 5 up downs on the back, 10 up downs on the front, 50 jumping jacks, 20 sit ups, 20 push ups, 20 lunges, 20 squats. The rowing machine for 1 hour, the track 3 more times, stretched and tried to walk. It was awesome, gotta be back for class at 6:30 am but looking forward to going!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zoology fieldtrip

The lake at Camp Nakamum

I could not believe the clean beautiful water!

In the woods

The kids and I went exploring and played in the woods.

Our rainbow

Jake and Tatyanah

It rained one aftenoon and when we came out of our little cabin, we were met with a beautiful rainbow!

Our Camping trip Mother's day weekend

Our little home!

Our accommodations... 
We had a 10 bed A frame cabin to ourselves and had so much fun relaxing and spending time together and joining in on the activities!