Thursday, January 22, 2009


The boys were having a ton of fun and little Robbie can not get enough of Jakob, he has so much fun and so does Jake, Jake is the big guy and makes Robbie and Timmy's world  exciting! I love watching Jake with the boys!

All the kids went out tobogganing and challenge the teenagers that were being mean to them. The teens took their scarfs and hats, kicked the dog and wee Robbie, but Eve got the hats and scarves back and Jake got the kids to stay tobogganing and have fun, they did and came home with wonderful stories.... Taty here jumped on the chair to be heard!
Bundled up and ready to go!!

Lego exhibit at the Space Center

People added their on creation and they made a display, it was so incredible to see what was created!
Here Timothy is explaining to Jake, Caden and Tatayanah what the parts of the heart are.
Tatyanah and the sunflower!

Tatyanah and the red dude!

It was really neat to see all the interesting displays, we went to Legoland and were not expecting too much, but this was actually incredible!

Make Up Mess

Tatyanah and Brooke decided to do their make up and what a MESS!!!
They had tons of fun though!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Cutest monkey

Caden came to the hill for the afternoon of the kids skiing...he loved being outside, he is such a sweet kid, perfect happy and a little monkey!!
I love him so much!

Jake snowboarding

Jakob went snowboarding and started lessons but quickly grew board as he has snowboarded before..... he may have wanted to stay in the lessons he said..... His head stopped but his body did not, so at the hill he was wrapped up, splinted and set on his way with ice to the hospital... for 4 hours....
Thanks God it is not broken, he is in Provincials for biathlon in a month and the team all HAS to be there or they can't go....

Before the CRASH!!!

Tatyanah's First day of Snowboarding

Tatyanah went snowboarding for the first time and had a TON of fun, she liked her instructor and learned a lot of great stuff! She had so much fun she did not want to leave! On Saturday, her dad took her out and bought her a sweet board!!

Snow day

Brooke and Tatyanah had a blast playing in the snow. It had been so cold, it was hard to enjoy the snow, but not this day! They set up their forts and waiting to attack Jake, then Timothy decided to take them out...this is the girls after their victory..too bad I did not have a picture of the defeated by little girl's Tim!

Blake and Whitney

Blake and Whitney came for a visit and hung out with us for a while...Nat came too but Blake and Whit, Jake and Tatyanah and Tim all played for a few hours! Blake had a ton of fun with the boys, doing the usual...arresting each other, handcuffs, shooting each other.....being thrown through the air....dodging bullets...and running through the house like crazy people!

Whitney and Tatyanah played in her room and had some really quiet time...until I caught Alia nd Taty getting Whit to jump off the bed, then came the flying through the air...running wild, playing, creating all kinds of fun games!

We loved having them and miss them so much, these kids are seriously magical treasures!