Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Walk

Every year the Friday before Halloween our local home school group has a magical evening filled with wonder and amazement for the kids. This year we ventured through the forest helping a prince that was kidnapped by trolls and we helped free him. We walk through stations and learn more of the story and the children collect tokens of appreciation ( a nut necklace, a glow stick that unfreezes spells, etc) and hear all about the misadventures the prince is in. In the end they save the prince and receive a treasure.On the adventure!
Me and my boy...girl

Tatyanah and some friends around the fire!

Dancing bee!

Glowing by fire!

Jakob(as a girl), Tatyanah and Casy as pink and black bees!

Tatyanah and Casy as bees, their stingers!

Edania(a gypsy) and Tatyanah

Dad came!

Beautiful Jenna!

After the walk, we all gather around a bonfire and share food, drink and stories. The night is perfect, lots of laughing children dressed in their attire for the evening, parents and friends all together for a night of fellowship!

Defiantly one of our favorite evenings together.

So many people did not know Jakob was a boy!


Today they were learning about how atoms come together to make molecules and what works. We are using Real Science 4 Kids and we love it!

This is Tatyanah making CH3OH


Jakob's NH3

Jakob making things that are not real, but fun!

Working hard!

Jakob and Tatyanah LOVE Chemistry.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Art Class

Tatyanah and her pal Taya working hard, Jake is in the back!

Today Jake and Tatyanah had their Art Class where they did alot of different mediums. In the pictures you can see Jake in the back, he is becoming camera shy!

She's some kind of WONDERFUL

Delaney is 2 1/2 mths old and she is already stealing hearts.

It is precious to see my big boy with such a tender heart!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Timothy and Jakob camping

This weekend Jake and Tim went camping.

Jake went to a camp with cadets and Tim went to a retreat with his College and Career group. It is a a great weekend as Tatyanah and I are having a great tie just being girls!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lexi and Delaney!

Lexi (age 22 mths) LOVES babies, here she is holding Delaney (7 weeks)!

Jake as a cadet!

This is Jakob's second year as an Air Cadet and he loves it. Right now he is doing biathalon and has done a ton of great things with cadets. He has flown an airplane.. a few times. Done Survive Air, sports, been on the Volleyball team and won gold. He has gone to 3 different camps and iis going again in a few weekends. He is so darn adorable in his cadet uniform too!

1 little, 2 little, 3 little Indians......

Seriously the cutest little indians I ever did see!
It is Thanksgiving in Canada this weekend!

The Insane Kids that visit! Yes Ali and Nick!

Ali pretending to be a sweet girl~

Jake being attacked by Ali...INSANE! What did she write? Jake + who??? Oh of course Kathleen~

Nick ummm...INSANE!

Nick and Jakob and Takoda wrestling!
Tim was not home but they are ALL in there...wait Tim was in California!

Scuba Jake

All is going well for Jake and his studying to be a scuba diver...except the fact that we live in Alberta!
He has studied his PADI course and now is going to take his confined water dive certification and then wait until January to take his open water in Mexico! It is great to see him dedicate himself to learning. I have found myself wondering about letting the kids learn naturally when they surface learn. It seems to me that so many 'interests' last a few weeks and even a few hours sometimes. I am currently trying to balance out what my expectations are for them and where they can freely learn. That is a new challenge for me lately. It is not all fun and simple. I expect a lot more out of the kids as I notice they are forming lazy habits!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I have found a new love!!!

I love my ukulele!! I can already play so many notes and songs. I am not musically inclined but it is great fun. I sound great already 

Biathlon Training!

Jakob is doing an amazing job training for Biathlon!
(bīăth'lŏn) , sport in which cross-country skiers race across hilly terrain, occasionally stopping to shoot with rifles at sets of fixed targets. The biathlon features the 10-km (6.2-mi) sprint, in which contestants shoot at two sets of targets; the 12.5-km (7.8-mi) pursuit, in which contestants shoot four times and start at intervals determined by their finish in the sprint; the 20-km (12.5-mi) race with four shooting stops; and a relay race with four 7.5-km (4.7-mi) legs and two shooting stops per leg. The women's individual races are shorter: a 7.5-km (4.7-mi) sprint, a 10-km (6.2-mi) pursuit, and a 15-km (9.3-mi) race. Competitors are penalized for each missed target by having a standard length added to the course distance that they must complete, or by having a minute added to their time. The control of fine motor skills and breathing required to shoot after the skiing segment makes this a demanding sport. Biathlon competition developed from the military training of ski troops. The sport first became an official part of the Winter Olympics in 1960.