Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bigger Loser

It is done, the spring course and I am 18 lbs lighter and a whole lot healthier. My leg is still sore a lot and I learned a lot about myself and life but the course was great
I came in 4th with a other girl, never thought I did that much! Busted my butt. 
I start the summer course in 2 weeks and I am excited for that, same trainer, a little nervous about that :0)
I have to figure out food though, this is my goal. I have working out down to an art but I need to eat more..... funny it is not usually an issue of not enough food. But I will get there. I have to eat more, but I am never hungry. And I do not get super hungry. I think part of that is because I do not like to cook, but I must get on it.
I am proud of me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sometimes in life things go a little wonkey! I have been doing bigger Loser at the gym, losing weight, 18 lbs so far. I have to move as the place I live in will not allow Takoda anymore. I have done all my divorce papers and filed. I have started going out with friends. I go to the gym alone and love it. But life has been filled witha lot of strange things lately and I must say Life is a wonderful place with my girlfriends. You all know who you are and you all listened to me, I said I was totally wonked for a bit. Thanks for all you have done and helping me figure the things out I needed too.
I miss California when I could just see everyone and have a blast. Go to the beach, pool parties, I should come out for the 4th of July...oh my was the 4th of July fun. Remember Pam's parkign issues? Going shopping, the science center, going all over with no plan but having a ton of fun anyways! The beach with 1000 stairs and the surprise at the bottom.I even miss the 405, maybe not too much! I am creating a life here but it is just different. I am happy but I wish you were here.
I love you...and you know who you are!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bigger Loser

We have one week left and I am shocked at all the emotions I have experienced. Funny how for the first time in 19 years I have been focusing on myself and what a trip!
Easy to start with is my newest friend Amanda. She is a youngin but she pushes me all the time, MAKES me meet her at the gym. When we work out together we have so much fun. This morning we had to run stairs in the stadium for 1 hour at 6:30 am. Amanda was not the happiest, super tired and just worn out. Well after bitching forever, she said something so funny I almost choked on my water. After that we were laughing so hard, we could barley breathe. I HATE stairs, but with Amanda they were just fun!
Then there is trainer Amanda, she is... well... umm ....lets just say words can not discribe her. I love her, NOT that WAY, she is nuts. She is tough, she pushes and pushes and pushes me to work my butt off... literally. BUT she has also listened to me and I mean some strange things have came out of me latley. One day I was so bitchy with her and snapped at her and just was plain ignorant, she talked to me after, and I cried. Not for being mean to her but just life. Did you hear that, I cried. Ok I went for a run but I actually cried. Nuts huh? But she was just present. I can't explain it. She is young like 6 I think, jk she is in her 20's, I think 24, but she has an old soul and I appreciate her so much.
The class is coming to an end, but they are having a summer one, I joined. But I have to say that this first class has been unbelievable. From now on it will be just normal, but I am ready for that.
What have I lost so far??? 13 lbs, not a ton but it is coming off like crazy!