Friday, May 23, 2008


Violin is almost done for the year and what a year it was! Tatyanah learned so many songs, she did amazing in the Kiwanis Festival, received Honers and just has=d a really good time. She pays her violin almost every day. 
She is having a  blast!

U of A gymnastics

Tatyanah did gymnastics in the afternoon at the U of A campus, the ladies teaching it were fantastic! She was actually really good. It was a blast and she loved it as well. A great day all around forsure!

University of Alberta Math Games

Seriously the most fun I have ever had in all the years I have homeschooled my kids! Tatyanah did a math games class and it was so much fun and the BEST way to do math! She was learning and doing things that I never would have thought of...or figured out for that matter.
We would do this over and over again..
The games were all about math but they were also designed to understand how math is really just putting together a solution to any problem.

Discover-E Camp U of A

Jakob went to Discover-E camp at the University of was so much fun! 
He started the day learning about Space, they build their own makeshift shuttles and we learned about robots in space and how to program them. Then he went battle lego.He made a contraption for an egg to fall from the top of a parcade. Then he did micro electronics by making lights using brackets, wires and things. Then he ate important event in a boys day.
After lunch was ROBOTICS, he had to design a robot to fight the other robots and his team won the battle of the Robots...his name was Salute to Carrot-X!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Precious Moments

Jake read the kids a story and it was so amazing!!!!

Birch Bay Ranch

The kids had a Tri Fun Obsticle Course to complete,

Zip Lines

Rock Climbing

Wire walks


Rope Obsticles

Air Ladder

Tire Climb



They had a blast and can't wait for camp to start!

Park Days, Fun Days

We went to Park day today, it was so beautiful out. It was amazing to see the little girls playing and getting comfortable with other people near, as long as no one talked to them. Lexi was always on an adventure, she kept wandering and wandering and both girls loved the rock path. Funny babies. Jake and Tatyanah LOVE them so much, it is amazing to see my own kids nurture the girls, Lexi LOVES Jake more than anyone and Dani she just loves everyone!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Heart and Hands Play

Heart and Hands, a Waldorf inspired class Tatyanah has taken this year has come to an end. It was a great experience and May Louise made it magical every time the kids went. They finished the year off with a play and their flutes. Tatyanah and Casy were wrestlers and Lords. Stacey and I quickly made costumes the night before and the girls added their magic and came up with the rest! What a blast they had!
Be prepared to laugh when you watch the video!

The beauty of nature!

Jake and Tatyanah were at Monday's in the park and we seen an amazing goose nest with 3 precious eggs in it. We are hoping the Mama returns to keep her babies warm!
The Jake and Tatyanah went to feed the chickadees, they were having a blast. Crazy little birds were flying in from everywhere and were feeding from the kid's hands and their heads! Te little squirrels were coming in as well, next time must remember peanuts, crazy little beggers!

Princess Dani and Princess Lexi

Seriously the sweetest twins ever! Dani and Lexi joined us o Friday, they will be coming 3 days a week and what an amazing family they are. Their mom and dad are great and the girls are so fun to watch. Lexi is more quiet with laughter and curiosity galore. And sweet Dani will talk all day long and snuggle even longer. They have amazing conversations that are so adorable. And if you ever want a story read, Lexi is the first to offer! 
Love them so much already!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today Caden came to visit with his Mama, Cindy. Cindy is an amazing mother and a joy to spend time with. 
Caden fell asleep in my arms and stayed for 45 mins. AMAZING! I know why I love babies, he is a perfect little man!