Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tim did it!

Tim passed his EMR course, I am so proud of him!
He worked so hard and did so great. He is now going into EMT for a year next year!
Way to go Tim!

Jake wins GOLD!

Ringette is over for the season!

Provincials are done, ringette is finally over for the has been over for  almost 3 weeks. I love this picture of Tatyanah. 
She had an amazing coach this year, he seemed so quiet and was so clam but he taught her about the game, helped her feel part of the team and gave her confidence. 
Tatyanah played for the first year and she LOVES it. She is already wanting to go back.I love watching her play too! We registered her yesterday and she has camp this summer!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tea Party in the Evening

I always wanted to create memories for my children. Tatyanah and her best friend, Casy made raspberry tea and cut up strawberries and had a beautiful tea party on our balcony.
Watching them giggle was perfect!

World Communities Field Trip

The kids had so much fun hanging with their friends and learning about different cultures. They played games, ate, cooked, made crafts, listened to music...and played!
Dax and Jakob played and laughed, learned and flipped and had the time of their lives just being boys,
Tatyanah and a bunch of girls enjoyed their time and she learned a lot about different places. They had chinese soup, made chinese name tags, played chinese skipping rope. The dressed like Ukrainian kids and played music and Jakob did some dancing he use to do. They learned how some kids used simple rocks and earned about their games. They wore saris and talked about India and place and life there. 
It wa definatly wort the trip, Multicultural Center in Stony Plain, AMAZING!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Takoda is our boy! Perfect in every way. He is so fun and full of energy! 
He loves to play dead, rollover, shake a paw, sit and still can't lay down.
He is great in agility, if he doesn't get distracted and want to play with the other dogs.
He says " I love You" and means it.
He has to sleep under the covers with his head on the pillow and he MUST be touching you. 
He listens when you talk and never shares secrets.
He loves everyone the same but Jakob, he loves him a bit more!


I am the Mama.

I love being the mom, I always wanted to be a mom and I am living my dream.

I pretend to be crafty and have made a few things. I love nature and the outdoors. I love unschooling my kids and I am so proud of who they are.

I really really like going to the movies. I like my friends a ton too.


Tim is the big kid, at 17 he has done great things with his life. He is presently at NAIT finishing his EMR course, and taking EMT next term and then Paramedic. He is a great kid and is very easy going, except when tired or hungry. 
He loves free running and/or Urban gymnastics. he repels of things he shouldn't but I think he is pretty safe so far. He goes to California often, and although he says it is mostly to see his friends, Marina is the main reason ( Mama loves Marina).


Tatyanah just turned 11, March 13 and had a blast with her friends. She loves ringette and placed silver in Provincials. She just finished ringette last weekend and can not wait until it starts again. She loves babies and kids and wants to be a mom. Although she wants to adopt her kids. 
Tatyanah loves reading and reads 3-6 novels at a time, she lives at the library and is always bike riding all summer! She loves her friends and plays violin!


Jakob is a nature animal loving guy! He has always been unschooled and given a chance will tell you 1000000000000's of facts about animals. He wants to be a conservationist or a vet. H wants to get a job this summer, although I am not sure why, he can not save a dime.
He just had surgery on St Patrick's day on his teeth (they like to stay up high and not come down), but he is doing great.
Jakob loves Takoda, his dog and they do agility and he fosters birds, presently Emmie!
Jakob was just promoted yesterday in Air Cadets to Leading Air Cadet, he is proud!
He also loves his brother more than anyone else!