Monday, February 9, 2009

Winter Festival

The little ones put on their annual show, it is adorable to see the kids do the same show but the little ones grow up and new littles are in the show, it is great to see it always reborn!
Jake and Tatyanah
Jake, Caden and Tatayanah

Winter Wonderland Festival

I love to watch Caden interact and play, today at the winter festival he was joining in the kids, about 10 if them to play. He was so beautiful and grown up!

Spectacular mittens

Tatyanah took out a book from the library on using old sweaters to create beautiful new things! She and her friend worked on these adorable mittens. First they shrunk old wool sweaters by washing them in HOT water, then she dried them out. Then she cutout her pattern and felted on her snowman.. they are absolutely amazing, I love them! She then found another book called Sweater renewal, more projects and more fun!

Furry little squirrel

On our way to Winter Carnival we were greeted by the most adorable little guy!

Cosmic Twins

jake and nick are cosmic twins...the best of friends and they just get each other!
Sitting up high on a beam.. not too sure if it was actually put there for them! We went to a Winter Carnival... they went snow boarding... at one point Jake was spotted by friends of Mom without any top clothing!!