Thursday, October 28, 2010


Mexico December 7-14, 2010

We are coming!!!

Yahoo! We have booked out trip to Mexico, I am so excited to take the kids, we love our little hide away beach! Amanda and I went last year and we love the place. There is a quaint magic about the place!

Our resort: beautiful, colorful and tons of fun!

We are going snorkelling with the kids too, it was one of our highlights. We also have use of kayaks all day long and we saw the rays, hopefully this year we can see sea turtles. We played daily in the ocean and just enjoyed ourselves.

I can not wait to snorkel again

The little town of Bucerias is amazing, a little fishing village, we love it there, there is little market and great restaurants. The local people are amazing. I also loved the little art galleries. We are going to go to Puerto Vallarta for the day to explore with the little people!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazy Kids

Silly String Balloon Love

Amanda and I went out for our anniversary and Tim and Tatyanah decided to decorate our bedroom as a surprise for us! They had silly string and balloons every where! It was crazy fun to make the mess I am sure! They even put up a Happy birthday sign for Amanda!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Ok look closely at these beautiful babies and help us find a name!

Jake loving the puppies!

Our little girl, standing on Mama checking things out.

Puppy kisses!

Mama and her baby!

We went to go get Shona (Amanda's mom) a puppy and came home with one of our own. We talked about it before we even went to look at puppies and we are so happy with our baby. She is so adorable. The boy is exactly like Takoda was. We love him so much too!

Now the task of naming them!
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gold Medal!!!

Tatyanah's team, Riot, played amazing this weekend!

They played hard and beat Red Deer in the 2nd 5 min overtime and won GOLD!!!

First games they played as a team and they did fabulous!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Grover hat

Seriously I never ever buy myself anything but I love Grover. I don't know why I love him so much but he has always been a sweet loveable guy! I was out yesterday searching for a birthday and anniversary gift for Amanda and found this amazing hat with matching mittens. I had to have it. I mean how could I not? I love this little fellow! So here is a pic of the hat, the mittens are equally adorable. Question is, where will I wear this?? EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is it really worth their lives? Your opinion?

I wish the world were a safer place for every person. I wish we could all live without judgement and mostly I wish that children and youth NEVER faced ridicule or torment.
no child regardless of how the world views any issue should EVER feel like suicide is the only option. Come on people, lets love all people and respect our differences!