Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Broken Heart

It is often believed that death from a broken heart is no more than just the kind of occurrence we read about in books or see in movies with a tragic love story. So far, people said that no one could actually die from a broken heart, but the latest research comes to prove that wrong: too much pain and grief, as well as a very powerful emotional shock can lead to heart attack-like symptoms that may often result in death.

Research says that broken heart symptom is real and goes by the medical name of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, as Japanese doctors first named it when they initially studied it in the ‘90s. It implies heart attack-like symptoms, including chest pains and shortness of breath, which can be triggered by an emotional shock, such as the one following news of an accident, illness in the family or a very violent argument. Expert believe that because of the release of a high amount of stress hormones, such as adrenaline, a part of the heart can be weakened and become “stunned”.

Even if researchers are still not able to pinpoint the exact causes, or mechanisms of the broken heart symptom, they are positive they’re one step closer to doing so, while also showing that it does, indeed, exist. Some believe it is simply a form of a heart attack that aborts itself early and therefore doesn’t leave any permanent heart muscle damage. At the same time, he believes further studies will prove it’s the latter option.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zoo with Taty and I

Tatyanah and I decided to go to the Zoo today! We have a small zoo here and we thought it owuld be a nice afternoon! It was fabulous, there was not a lot of people so we were able to take our time and really watch the animals, it was also feeding time for them so they were super active!

This is the baby monkey a few months old sucking his thumb, his mama did not want him and he is so sweet!

Couple of lose animals!

Tatyanah checking out the Arctic wolf's teeth!

another lose animal

sweet little seals

me and my little monkey


Here the sweetest seal played so happily, they set up a bubble machine and he did not like it too much but he loved his trainers and the salmon popsicle! His name is Nautical.

Arctic wolf, so happy, the trainer walk them an hour a day and play with them a lot!

The elephant on her daily walk! She was so happy!

It was a wonderful afternoon and I am looking forward to going back, it is a small zoo but I learned today that a lot of animals come here as seniors to be happy and calm. Some babies come too!

Children's Festival!!

My little Ambassador Tatyanah!!!

Every year Tatyanah and Casy wait for the Children's Festival and volunteers every single day! Taty is up at the crack of dawn and off she went to work with the kids, she was amazing and so helpful! She was an Ambassador this year for the first time and she was able to have some extra responsibilities! She loved it!

Makena had so much fun! She was such a happy girl! I went down a few times with Stacey and all her kidlettes, Rai, Randal, Remy, Russel and Cydnee. And Marci and Mak and Mason!

Tatyanah's ambassador hat she made

Randal, and Mak playing a big game of Snakes and Ladders, Randal was so good with Mak, he helped her play the whole time. He was so frustrated that the snake kept getting him!
Remy is in the background playing his own version of the game :)

Mak is so shy and we were so proud of her for doing her trick!

Part of the fun is hanging out and working with friends, here is Tatyanah with Casy, Raina and her other friend.

Tatyanah's birthday present from Tim BUNGEE JUMPING

I do not know how I was able to watch, I have the video and I will post it later, but Tim took Tatyanah to BUNGEE JUMP! It was intense and her sweet little legs started t get caught but she was fine! She loved it!! She is an adrenalin junkie like her brother and I am sure she will do so many things that will make us hold our breath! Thankfully she has Tim and Amanda to keep her in check and take her to such things.
I am unable, I had to get them to stop the tea cups at Disneyland for ME!

Some Day are gone to the Goats!

We went to our annual Midieval Days!

Somehow we ended up mostly hanging out with the goats! They were so sweet. One little one crawled into my lap for a rest! I loved it, except when she reached her sweet face to me to give me a kiss, I thought she was going to bite me and I panicked a bit but we were ok!

Love her ears!

Amanda was obviously loving the goats, she loves all animals and Tatyanah thought they were so cute!

Lots of love!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Love This

"A REAL AUTHENTIC MAN SIMPLY ALLOWS PEOPLE TO BE THEMSELVES. It is not my business to judge anybody as good, as bad. Everybody has to be conscious of his own qualities. If I want to help people, I cannot help by judging; and I can help them only by making them more conscious. If I want to help people -- and there is a great beauty in helping, great joy -- then the first thing is a TOTAL ACCEPTANCE of the person, whoever he is, whatever he is. This is the way the existence has brought him. There must be some need that he is fulfilling; and without him existence will be a little less, he will be missed. And nobody can replace him. He is so unique that he is irreplaceable." ~ OSHO

I got this from I said that Outloud; and I also quoted it in my other blog! I love it!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

She is going to SCHOOL!!!

Tatyanah is going back to school!

She has always danced with the idea of school since she was in 1st grade. At the time we were living in Los Angeles and I did not want her in school. After a month of begging, I took her to the local public school and let her spend an afternoon. That cured her for a while!

In grade she went to the Logos program, a Christian program, for January to May. We went to PEI in June. She loved it, she thrived. She had a great time. Joined clubs, sports teams, etc. But she also was torn, she felt like she was missing out on the "fun" we had at home.

After one more year at home she has declared her eternal boredom with being home. She is extremely social and loves all things school. She loves the group learning, she loves the clubs, she loves the friends and she loves teachers. So we have registered her for next year, grade 9. She is so excited she already wants to go back to school shopping. Her friends are ecstatic and thankfully they are great kids. She has known them since she was 5 years old.

Now I have to figure out what I am going to do! Jake is in high school and Taty will be in school! Seems weird. Actually very hard at times. They are the last 2 and I loved home schooling, I loved the time together, but I see it changing. I know how it was with my 21 yr old and it is beautiful to see them as confident strong beautiful growing people but the mommie in me just wants a few more years.....