Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Club~ Language of Flowers

Book Club Friday!

We read the language of Flowers and it was a really good book.
I liked how it did not romanticize foster care kids and make them out to be happy kids once someone loves them. 
I liked that she learned something that carried her through, Language of Flowers, and she was able to draw upon that and make a life for herself.
I like how people grow and lean and develop and become who they are through there on journey.
I like that she met really good people.
I liked a lot of things about the book.

I love my book club girls! Each one is special and fun, strong beautiful woman who are really true to themselves and value our time together.
I love wine. And rumless coke. And boobies, I love planning parties and weddings. I love sharing our lives, advise, stories. I love our tears and babies. I love our friendship and ourselves.
I love that we are a beautiful bunch of woman who celebrate our friendship once a month in the name of book club but really it is so much more!


Dayhome days of fun

I can not say it enough, I love my job! 
I kno my purpose and I am so happy living up to the best me I can be!

Tyson has the dogs so well trained and he loves being outside!

This is how we look when we go for walks!

Justice and her beautiful eating pose! She loves to eat!

Tyson lining up eat of his fruit before he eats to much!

Bully~ Princess Theatre

Family Day, we all went to the movie Bully, such a good message.

Here is 3 of us! 

The Princess is an old theatre in Edmonton that I loved going to as a kid, it had this amazing beautiful charm and I love going there.

Here is me and Amanda trying to look awesome, I say we did a great job!

Jakob's Rugby!

 Jakob started rugby with his school and he is a lifter guy and a pusher guy and a runner guy. Ok I know those are not terms used to describe rugby but he does a lot of things on his team. I know he is not the team hooker!
Here he is looking good in his wee shorts!

practicing something

Jake would not be Jake if he as not somewhat strange!

Tatyanah would not be Tatyanah if she was not being more strange!

It was pouring rain and so cold, Taty and I went to watch in the car!

Doing a whole lot of rugby here!

Some of the parents were really worried to see an ambulance parked at the rugby field, it was only Tim, watching Jake's game!

It is really cool to watch Jakob play, he is not totally sure hat he is doing but I can see he is really having fun and making friends. He is a good player too.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This weekend we did our first bike ride, over 15km and it was fun! It was also a lot of hard work.
Christine flipped head over heels on her bike, she was perfectly fine, it was classic and so cool, I wish I had the go-pro. 
Before that Roxane was super hot so she took off her coat, went to out it in her bag and she had no bag because it fell off somewhere along the way. So we turned around and went looking for it, which is when Christine bit it.
Which is actually a blessing in disguise( losing the bag, not the epic wipeout flip) because we ended up going backwards which meant we did not have horrid hills at the end of the ride!
And Roxane found her bag, right at the beginning of the ride!

Tree Trimming

Amanda set off to trim our front blue spruce tree!
It was never trimmed in it's entire life and here she is hacking away!

Lots gone and does it ever look great!

Lots of branches to take to recycling.

We worked really hard on the yards this weekend and it looks really good!

Surprise iPad

I got a surprise in the mail last week!
From Manda!
I love her ever ever more!

Jake's Art on Display

I went to the library and there was Jake's art displayed! 
It was a proud moment for me. This is the first year my kids are in school and while we are all happy, there are times I really miss them. I like little surprises like this to make our family's decision even better!

Best job in the world!

I have the best job ever! I get to spend time with these amazing little people!

They bake for me, do lots of chores, Tyson's favorite chore~ Vacumming!

I simply have to reward with kisses!

They play music for me and plenty of other entertainment!

They take me for many walks to ensure I stay healthy and energized.

I love the dayhome, it is defiantly where my heart is happiest!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Pure Happiness!

Sometimes in life there is pure happiness! 

I am there now!

I can't help but reflect on the magical things taking place on my life.

I have the best friends in the world, I have chosen carefully and love openly. I have received more than I could imagine, I feel their love and friendship always. I love getting a call to have dinner, have a glass of wine, hang out playing playing frisbee or swimming. We talk, hours and hours of conversation, my favorite. We laugh and enjoy each others company. We can cry, of we need to. I am so happy for my friends! 

I have the best job in the world, I get to hang out with little people that have amazing parents and they are the brightest most brilliant people on earth. I am suppose to be teaching them but every day I learn so much from them, kids have this amazing ability to see a person and love them. They do not judge, they are honest in their feelings and they are true to themselves. They are not afraid to be tired, happy, goofy, silly. They allow themselves to be their perfect selves. They are true to themselves.
I have the great honour of spending the day with some of the most amazing people on our planet every day!

I love my family. They are a neat bunch of people, they make life so full of adventure. I love my kids, they are brilliant! They are changing into these young adults and it is interesting to see them making choices about life that is beyond today or the moment they are in. They are certainly still teenagers, all 3 of them in some things, but they are brilliant creatures. My dad is a great guy, he is a joy. I love his partner in life! My in laws are a great bunch of people. And I have the joy of an amazing niece Jovee, she is the light of the family and a precious little spirit, she is love and laughter, happiness and joy! Her sweet little brother will join us in June! 

My Amanda, my partner, my heart, my love!
no words can describe her or us! She is all that is beautiful in this world! I am unbelievably blessed with our love, the secret, be honest and talk about everything! We do not always see things the same way but with understanding and discussion, we always feel good making decisions together. 
She is amazing! I love her!

I love my life! I work hard to be in a place of beauty and it is worth it! 

I am simply filled with PURE HAPPINESS!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Little T's first week!

This is the first day sweet Little T started in our dayhome! He is seriously the sweetest little guy! He is so happy and brilliant! I love watching the way he sees things! We headed out to home Depot and he was so excited, he loves drills! 
He is driving the car and Amanda is helping him! He loves life and his parents are amazing people, they are brilliant with him!

Little T is 17 months and he can stack blocks so high with great dexterity!

He is so much fun! 

I love him so much already!