Monday, June 23, 2008

Water Play

Water play with the kids!
Tim was not going to play and then he went crazy, poor Ali bit the dust a few times but she finally got Tim. Then Tim was squeezing out the water from his shirt and Tatyanah got him unexpectedly, it was great! 

Drumheller, Alberta

Seriously so much fun! We headed out for 3 days with Ali, Lyn, Daisy, Nick, Aimee, Nicco, Jake, Tatyanah, Michaela, Tim, Mama, and Emilie! We went for a huge hike in Horseshoe canyon, set up camp, ate smores and more smores and played and laughed. The next day some of us headed out with an amazing local guy and went on a dino dig and everyone came home with fabulous was sooooo cool. Then we ate lunch at a kinda gross spot but it was still fun..and headed for the museum. After that it was off to the biggest water-fight in our 3 families history! I think Tim came out on top but everyone hit the water! We all went back to camp for some great games and laughter! The next day we headed for the hoodoos, suspension bridge, a cool ghost town (with 11 bridges) and to and amazing lunch and back home! It was so much fun we are ready to go again next weekend!