Monday, August 18, 2008

Bike Riding Bliss

Many times I have been asked why I moved back to Canada form California and here is one of the main reasons, the kids can be free!

On this particular day Casy and Tatyanah set off for a day of adventure on their bikes! They went to the library, out for lunch, trails, Nature Center, exploring, the local coffee shop, park and climbed trees..oh yes and picked apples from a friendly neighbor! They also managed to fit swimming in there as well!

Co-op Organic Weeding

Saturday was our day to go out to our coop garden and weed, well we got there and it was a HUGE garden to weed so lots of us set off to work on our grand garden!

I love weeding, the dirt, the kids frolicking and playing, (they found Indian Paintbrush and were painting themselves red!) The visiting. The beautiful site when it was all cleared out. Looking at the growing vetables and fruits, knowing how they came to be. The sweat and mess we all became.

It was a great morning and I can not wait until the big Harvest day in September, lots of pickng, an dthen a big pot luck dinner to share after....too much fun!

Rock Band Party

Well we rocked it out on Saturday with some friends! The youngest was 10 days old and the oldest doesn't want to share their age! We had so much fun, we played rock band, some sang good, some not so good. Some played guitar, drums, bass or all but it was great. Tim was sure he was the best and screwed up a few times :0)

Then we palyed a game of Crainium in which it was the 6 kids against 3 Moms, guess who WON!!!!! The brilliant Mamas!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


You know you're a homeschooler when....
You try to (quickly) capture the huge bee that was knocked unconscious as itaccidentally flew into your car window, so the kids can classify and inspect it.

Your bank statement reflects the fact that you spend more at Books-A-Million than atfancy clothing stores.

You've got more books and bookcases than anyone you know.

You DREAM of a room (or even a whole house!) with wall to wall, ceiling to floorbookshelves.

The walls of your dining room are decorated with posters of the US Presidents,Periodic Table of Elements, Map of the Moon, Spanish Conjugation Chart and a copy of the Declaration of Independence, not to mention a poster of the Ten Commandments since no one can tell you not to!

You have children draped all over the furniture....and they're reading...for the FUN of it!

Your children actually enjoy spending time with their family, even their siblings!

Your children aren't embarrassed to be seen playing with someone younger than they are!

You are on a first name basis with the majority of local librarians.

You've laughed out loud when someone asked you "What about socialization?"