Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tatyanah's Grade 9 Grad

Seriously this kid is amazing! She is always a goof ball!

Bruises all over her knees...

but still a lady

I remember when Tatyanah started school, for a bit in Grade 7 and then this year in grade 9. It was so hard to let her go, she is such an amazing beautiful child.
Her grades are honours.
Her attitude is fabulous.
She does not compromise who she is for anyone.
She makes us proud every single day.

Sadly her brother is in Grade 12 next year and his friends want to date her!

i remember when she was first learning to read and I wondered what she was going to be, what she would end up being like, She is everything I could have imagined and more!

MS Bike Tour ~Eiffel Off My Bike!

What a fabulous crazy weekend! We had a great time! 
The weather on Saturday was perfect, not to hot, slightly overcast and not much wind.
Sunday was insane  to much for 3/4 of the bikers to bike in. 
Amanda was so sick that I decided to be a good wife and stay with her and not ride, to be supportive!

Team Captain: Amanda!
Christine and Roxy at the start!

Keith coming in

I think Rox

Amanda coming in with Christine behind her

Ready with the non charged Go-Pro

My favorite pic, Keith and Dale with Patti in the background!

Poor Rox could not keep her eyes open after dinner, she was so cute. She woke up with all of her team looking at her and said, "What? What are you all looking at?".

Our awesome team!

I don't understand why you are all so far away!

Thanks for an amazing weekend team, until next year.....