Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bigger Loser!!!

Ok so I have no pictures but I have lost 5.4 lbs, not a ton but I am losing and I am proud, except for the fact that I screwed my right leg from the knee down up like crazy. I wonder how people do it when they have serious injuries? It is probably the muscles all spazzing out, but I am going to have it checked at physio Thursday! However our trainer, Amanda, love her feisty little self, just about KILLED me when she messaged it and then wrapped it in tape...OUCH!!!!!! I am able to run and do dome things but standing still and walking KILL me. I can not run all the time, and I sweat like nobody's business!
I went to the On the Ball class tonight and had so much fun, I was able to keep up for most of the class and did not care that I was not one of the skinny girls there, it is great to feel great! My leg did OK, my crazy feet, new shoes, well that is a whole other complaint! I swear Amanda would kill me if she heard me complain again, not really she is amazing!

Monday, April 27, 2009

No Comments

I have been looking at my wonderful friends, both whom I know and whom I am meeting via blogs and I notice they all have comments! Somehow I have ... not many! So I will make a new post and hopefully inspire some thought to share a simple hello! I love meeting new people, so if I do not know some of my 'friends', say hello! I can be your friend, lalalala ( sang ina very Larry tone Veggie Tales)!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Exploring!

Jake, Tatyanah, Takoda and I went for a llloooooonnnnnggggg bike ride!!!! It was a beautiful spring day and we were enjoying the outdoors and the super warm weather! 

The geese are coming home, I love hearing their honking and seeing them come in, an amazing spring delight!
Some person was enjoying the beautiful spring day in a totally different way, Jake wants to fly this contraption, it has a motor too!
Jake and Tatyanah hanging out in a tree...
Takoda heading up the tree!

Even big Kids love the Easter Bunny!

Easter was so much fun this year. We Started with watching the Passion of the Christ and talking a lot about what really happened and what Easter does represent to us as a Christians. We went to Good Friday service and and Easter Sunday celebration, it was fabulous!
Then we had our easter hunt in the afternoon and we had a ton of fun, the hunt was on!

Jake on a roll!
Tim stealing Jakes treats!
Tatyanah running away... from Tim, the easter stealer!
Even Takoda was in on the action!
Too many to find!
All the kids...all four of them!
They all hunted and found lots of treats, Tim made it so much fun and attacked Jake and Tatyanah and stole their chocolates! I the end they split the treats, in the end Tim gave most of his to the Jake and Tatyanah!

Spring Painting

I have a few blogs I follow and I stumbled upon a blog called Crafty Crow, it has fabulous ideas and I found this amazing idea for painting spring pictures! Tim started all on his own before I was able to explain what we were doing so his spring 'volcano' is a little different but creative and beautiful!

This is my spring blossoms!
Oops downloaded it twice so I will leave it since I am not usually creative and I am pretty happy about the outcome!
Tim's spring volcano!
Our family's creative spring art!
Mine, Jakes, Tatyanahs
and Tims!
Jakob hard at work creating, love it!
Ms. Tatyanah and her beautiful spring picture!

End of one Season!

The last of Winter Snow Fort!

Jake and Tatyanah worked for days on their snowfort, Jake would wake up early every morning and stay up late in the evening working on the fort. Tatyanah thought it was grand fun but was not as dedicated to the labor as Jake! They had a blast! Here they are both in one side, Jake wanted to sleep in it as he knows how to keep warm in the winter and insulate himself in snow...Mama did not let him!
Tatyanah entering in ever so carefully, this is when they were in one side together, before Jake finished off Tatyanah's wing!
Jake before Taty joined him, he was so prous of his accomplishments!
Sadly but greatfully the bright beautiful Spring sun came calling and his fort has gone for another year, already replaced by skateboards and bikes!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh dear... the count down begins...


I have joined the Biggest Loser at our rec center, so either I will get healthier and thinner, or well...... DIE! I am so very excited and so very scared, yes scared! It starts next Monday and it is much like the show. I will keep y'all updated. Maybe, just maybe I will post some pics. I will forsure post a before and after, even if they remain the same, I am still going to give it my all!  If I die, we all know losing weight is not healthy, although I am very very sure I will live!

So here goes nothing, I am so nervous! 

(By the way I am not the skinny girl in the picture!)