Thursday, May 20, 2010


Easter 2010!!

I decided to make everyone home made fun cards with my creative spirit!! Well i did my best with my lacking creativity!
I love love love the little bums on my cards!

Jake and Tatyanah are about to start their scavenger hunt..we made the clues a bit crazy and had so much fun and laughed so much at what they thought they meant, they were running all over the place, eventually they found all their goodies. But they were both so baffled for a while!

The kids are getting so big but they still love we decided to make it exciting for them!

Tatyanah's broken foot!

Tatyanah decided to jump down 3 stairs and ended up breaking her foot! I was so worried when the doctor said if her foot slipped at all that she would need surgery!!! We catered to that foot until her next check up so well she does not need to wear her cast for 6 weeks, just 3!

I am glad Amanda is not freaked out by such aliments I was not doing well with all the swelling and bruising... Tatyanah thought it was cool looking. Jake thinks she is 'milking' it for all she can!

She is really good on her crutches and only sliced the back of her other heal so deep that se should have had stitches but she didn't!


Remember that crazy trainer?? She drove me nuts, she pushed me so hard!!!

Well I guess part of the reason was I was falling for her, I was not expecting it at all, I thought i was just entangled in wanting her acceptance...with all of being true to me I came out of a deep dark closet and I am happy and proud.

But back to that crazy trainer! She is amazing to say the very least. I have done so much and had so much fun and loved like I have never loved before, so alas Amanda is my heart partner in life now, I do not train as hard but life is always full of adventure!

Wow so long ago...

I have not poste in forever and I miss my little blog... so alas here I go. I will try to go back in time and update in order......


where to start......