Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SICK, broken legs and work!

The kids have been sick with bad colds and the flu. I thought it would be easier with older kids, 15 and 13, than it is with younger kids but I am worn out. They are coughing all night, up with hot sweats and then cold. They whine and are so sucky. I love my kids and they are needing extra love BUT this is insane. On top of all that, Charlie broke her leg Friday night and had to go to the emergency vet and then have surgery Monday. We had to pick her up Tuesday and now keep her on bed rest for 2 weeks. How do you keep a 5 month old puppy calm???
Oh and then I also started working mornings at Child minding, I love it but it is taking a bit of adjusting.
Jake is also going to take Chemistry at a high school, that is exciting and lots to plan for!

But life is good!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well Daina and Chelsea asked us to come skating with them and we accepted. So Jake, Tatyanah, Amanda and I went to picked up Casy and met Stacy, Chels and Daina at the rink. Stacy is a trained figure skater, Taty plays ringette and Jake and Casy can skate and are kids. The adults were suppose to have not skated in years. I was the only one who has not skated in 100 years. Everyone was amazing except me! It was so fun but so scary!

Ever so careful......

Amanda leading me along!

Amanda pushing me along...

laughter and friendship...

I wish this picture was clearer... Chels and Daina are two amazing friends!

Stacy giving me lessons and I am so balanced with my grover mitts

We had a ton of fun and we all want to go again~


What a Christmas or should I say Christmas'?

We had Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Sheppard! That was so fun. We all love them. They are the best gparents, they are so much fun and we always enjoy their company.

Then the kids has christmas with their dad and Grandma and grandpa Farmer, they are amazing Grandparents, I love them!

Then we had Christmas ever with all the kids, Tim had to work Christmas day! That was so fun. One of the funniest moments was when Tim opened his HUGE can of tuna from Amanda. Tim always eats tuna from a can because Amanda told him one day it will help him after a work out. We had a great time eating, visiting, cooking, laughing, and sharing gifts. I love having the kids all together.

The kids: Jakob, Tim, Kassia holding Charlie and Tatyanah!

After Christmas eve we headed out to Grandpa and Grandma Layden's house in Whitecourt for some family fun! This is a blast because everyone finds a place to sleep and we eat, play games, visit, laugh and have a blast. This year we did a chinese gift exchange and we all got amazing gifts. Jaime and Renata got there own gifts
and poor Al got woman's perfume! But it was so much fun all in all. I got a cool telescope that a few of us went out to look at stars, it was as exciting finding the stars as spending time with everyone out there looking for them.

And then there was games. Crainium, in which everyone always wants to be Amanda's partner! Renata and Jake were partners. Some how that was super crazy. Jake could not get simple things like counting sheep as Renata was holding up fingers and counting and Jake would say "counting numbers" and then she would do sheep jumping and he would say "sheep jumping", but he could not put it together. Here he got ROBOT! Oh what fun...

And then came Lori and Al!

They were so funny!!!! I laughed so hard! They had to use each other as puppets and guess things! I can not even remember what they were doing here but they were the best, they really did not answer much right but they by far had the most fun and we were so entertained!

Lazy dogs....there is 2 in this basket in their Christmas jammies!

Family + games= good times!

Our house on Christmas!

Christmas was beautiful! Family, friends and love!

Introducing Mason Kenneth!

Mason was born December 21, 2010 and weighed 7 lbs 5 oz. And he is the most beautiful boy ever. His parents are some of our bestest friends and we were lucky to labor with Marci. She was FAST...she started having contractions and I thought she would progress slowly as she just began. Within an hour she went from calm simple contractions, spastically every 5 mins or so, lasting 30 to 40 seconds to 4 mins and lasting a good minute. She got to the hospital and he was born in juts over an hour of getting there.

Beautiful Mama and baby....looking great!

Mason Kenneth "Kathy"

Me and my boy!

Painting 101

Amanda and I were talking about things we like to do and Amanda is amazing at almost everything...she can not master diablo....
We decided to get some paper and acrylic paints ad have some fun. Well I do not have the art imagination she or most people do but I remember one time finding a great way to paint spring blossoms on Crafty Crow's blog, so I thought I would try a winter picture. We had recently went tobogganing so I thought I would make a painting of us tobogganing. Well my snowy hill was fun, even adde colors using greens and browns to make the snow look like snow. My people looked horrid so I decided to finish with trees. I was so proud of my painting, then I saw Amanda's....
And While I know mine was a fun experience I was amazed at Amanda's....

Well that stirred something in her and she wanted to try oil paints....and we set off to Micheal's and she got the old 70's guy kit....she went to town and ....

She is flippin she is an art class on oil paintings. She is having a good time. I met her for lunch and there is 5 ladies in the class, all 20+ years older than her but she is learning and enjoying herself. Jake and I painted the other day and he made a landscape and I tried some abstract art, I will post those some day!