Tuesday, August 31, 2010

School Begins

My kids have always been unschooled but they have both decided they want to do 'school' as their school friends have been doing. Not so hard for Tatyanah as she went to school last year for the second term. But Jake has never been to school and is starting grade 10.

In the summer he did some classes to see how it was, he completed Calm and A tourism course.

This semester he is doing;
English 10-1
Science 10
Canadian Cuisine
Phys Ed 10
International cuisine

It sounds simple but he has also begun a part time job, he is doing great but it is a lot of new things!

Tatyanah is also doing grade 8 and starting a part time job, she is going to be babysitting a little boy 4 to 5 days a month! It will be great for her!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vegas Act

Ok seriously Amanda and I decided to be crazy and have fun and make up as a Vegas act.
We had so much fun! We were crazy and had tons of fun, until I smashed my thumb!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lyn, Warren and Michaela perform at Heritage Days

Lyn, Warren and Michalea did karate at the Japan tent, I love watching them, they are fabulous. Lyn was seriously great, I usually thought she was shy but she went out there and was amazing. Michaela was the youngest one there and did great!
Love this pic of Warren, he looks so tough..and he is but we know him differently!

I love this pic with Lyn and Micci doing their thing and Warren watching!

Focused Lyn doing patterns!
Warren doing black belt in the 90th degree stuff! Ok not quite 90th!

At the end they brought kids in to do some karate and Jake tried not to go but Warren made him! He loved it!

Heritage Days!

Just after they danced, taking a break.
Our ever famous self portrait
The adorable Aimee!
Sandy, Xander and Bridget! Xander loved his chocolate covered banana, he was so funny all he wanted was the food!
Amanda, Taty and Jake!

Cutest little native kid!

Me trying a dutch game
Jake and the Chinese dragon! Earlier he tried to eat Tatyanah's snow cone but I did not have the camera ready!
Philippine Tatyanah

Tatyanah getting watered on by the tall water guy!

Amanda and I as dutch!
These indian boys were so cute the one in blue was so full of excitement and we loved watching him!
This lady from Arab was so cool. She took dough and rolled it out, then threw it in the air, pulled it out on the pillow and then cooked it on the rounded grill. It was so good!

We love Heritage days! So many different ethnic groups all performing. They all had different food and cultural items form their countries. It is always a highlight of our summer. Jake and Amanda eat every kind of food, I thought they were going to get camel something or other but they wanted to try other things. We love it there!

Outdoor Pool!

Tatyanah, Amanda and I went to the outdoor pool and I tried and tried to get Amanda's pic as she did a backwards flip, the best part of her having to do it 10 times was all the cool different shots I got of her in between!

Tatyanah did one back flip and lots of really fun shots! She kept trying to do a back flip and well she ended up jumping off the diving board backwards! We went a few days later with Casy, Rai and Jake and they were so much fun too but we did not bring the camera!

Drumming Circle

I love Amanda's serious face when she is concentrating! And Jake's too!

Amanda, Jake and I headed down to the Legislature to a drumming circle on Sunday last week. Amanda's mom bought her her first drum, an ashiko, in PEI and she wanted to play for a long time. She was so nervous at first but then she was amazing! The leader guy said that most people do not catch on so quickly, he liked her! Even Jake played for a bit.