Friday, July 11, 2008

The cutest little picture

Spray Park June 2008

Caden loves sticks, wherever we are, wherever we go!
Tatyanah running away from water
Lexi and water...she loves it!
Jake and Tatyanah..and some water

Tatyanah, Jake, Caden, Lexi, Dani and I went to HLSA homeschool park day at a spray park and it was so much fun to watch the babies play and explore. Caden loved the water anywhere and Lexi was crazy, playing all the time with anyone that liked to splash. Dan was not too sure of all the people and water, until Lexi or Caden's hat came off, the she march right over 

Sports Camp 2008

Happy happy Tatyanah!
Friends and pals from near and far!

The kids have gone to the same Sports Camp every year we have been in Canada, this was the first year Jake volunteered it was great fun and the kids had a blast doing all kinds of great sports and learning about God's love!

More Fort Edmonton

Time for school
Sit nice, ladies on one side..
Boys on the other...Jake was so goofy and Nick was so well behaved.....hahaha
Please write Queen on the board

We went to the old School house and the kids had so much fun, they were expecte to behave as school kids of that time. Tatyanah was asked to write 'queen' on the board and printed queen, it was so funny, she was told her writing was awful and the teacher rewrote it!

Fort Edmonton Park June 24

Tatyanah, Caden and Ali 

Caden and the Native Lady and the cool fire!
Caden looking out of the big Fort!

We went with some frieds to Fort Edmonton Park for the day, we always have so much fun, no mater how many times we go!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's the Fourf of July!

Although I am no longer in America, I must say one of my favorite days is the Fourth of July. We would get together with friends have bbq, head to the beach and have so much fun. So here is to all my American friends, the best song I have ever heard sung by Ms. Payton Maguire.."it's the fourf of July, it's the fourf of July. it's the fourf of July.......".  I love and miss her so much!
Happy Fourf of July!

Body Worlds

I was expecting the kids to think it was interesting but I did not expect them to read every article and hold bones and plasticized body parts of real bodies. It was so interesting and to realize all the bodies were real was unbelievable. 
There really was so much to take in... all kinds of different poses, different parts of the body, the blood, lungs, sickness, healthy. The body I found most interesting was the older man, whom was sliced to show 5 different pieces. I know it sounds horrid but it was so very very interesting. 
In the end, we were able to sign a book and leave comments, 11 year old Tatyanah wrote, as any child would, brilliant mind...."very interesting, why so many boys?".I am glad we went, it was an interesting exhibit! Our bodies are truly remarkable, especially when inside out...sort of.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day

I am so proud to be a Canadian. 
I have learned how beautiful and amazing Canadians are. I love the beautiful golden prairies, the fantastic mountains. The parks, the kindness and just plain Canada.
Happy Canada Day everyone!