Friday, December 26, 2008

Kananaskis: Our view!

Christmas Morning

The stockings were hung by the tv cabinet with care, waiting for Ms Claus to fill them!Tim is buried under a bunch of wrapping paper!Tatyanah with some of her loot!
Tim got the ukulele he wanted sooo much! He played and played and played and played!!

So many things to do...

The lodge had tons of great activities going on.... here the kids are making gifts for their parents... for dad they made a fishing box and for Mom they made beautiful beaded bracelets. I love Jake's owl hat!
I know the pic is blury BUT look at the size of the kids at the magic show. Do you notice the
one in the red shirt? That is Tim, right in the middle, it was great!

Tatyanah and her pal!

The lobby of the lodge was unbelievable.. seriously there were dogs of all shapes and sizes walking about, people coming and going of all ages.. some in snow gear, others in bathing suits. People rad by the fire or visited. Some were visiting, playing games, kids were playing all over! It was great! Everyone was unbelievable amazing! Loved it!

Snowball Mania!

One thing that happened a lot was the snowball fights, most of the time Tim instigated it and won, but a few times Jake was a victorious fighter and Takoda thought he won a lot! Tatyanah is the master dodger!Takoda in his coat and booties looking on as Jake bites the dust!
Takoda saving Jake!

All 4 kids fighting!

Tatyanah running like mad whilst Tim is ready to ace her witha HUGE snow thing!

Tim looking for the kill!

Night Time Hike.....

We went for a night time hike and it was unbelievabley beautiful, we loved the walk and went every day after. Jake and I went alone one night and got scared that cougars might get us and Takoda was n help, he is so tiny and got cold and had to be carried!
Tatyanah, Jake and Timothy!

One of the amazing lighted trees on the way!

Jake and Takoda leading the way!


See that mountain behind the kids?? They were headed off to go toboganning, in the mountains.. but not down the whole mountain... just a part of it!Going down the hill....

Ringette Christmas Party!!!

Tatyanah's ringette team had a ringette party for her team. They had so much fun. They played so many games and painted a banner, painted ornaments, and had a ton of fun! Tatyanah painting away!
The gift exchange game!

Buddies and orniments!

The cool Stinger's team!

Pillow Fights

The pillow fight begins!!!Jakob and Tatyanah thinking they won!
Oops wait for it.... Tim seems to be winning!

Yah Tatyanah is on TOP!

Jump Jake!!!!

Wow look at Tatayanah Fly! Love it, she was jumping so high!


I love moose, they are my favotite animal forsure! We were pulling into Kananskis and there was 2 moose hanging out!! Yahoo yippee they posed for a picture!

Tim posing!

My early Christmas present!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My little monkey!

Tatyanah wanted a Sock Monkey hat since last year and I did not want to spend the $60 on it then. I decided to get it for her for Christmas last year and could not find it anywhere. An I went everywhere. This year I found it in Triple Flip, it ws the only one that would fit her head, the others were so little. She tried one on and it was so small, so I panicked and had her try hers on, it fit and she got it before Christmas and it is alwasy on her head!
I love her in it!

Princess Delaney!

Delaney in her new bumbo chair!
"I is the princess now!"

Dancin to Smooth Moves Wii

We decided to have some fun witha few friends and we ended up having waaaaayyy too much fun with Wii's Smooth moves! The kids were rockin it up to the dancing robot things, then Andrea decided to get into the grove! Somehow Mitchel's pitures were blurry but he was hilarious too! Lori and I were smart enough to not dance whilst a camera was in the room! Tatyanah groovin away!
Jake havin a blast!

Brooke Doing a great job!

Andrea kickin butt!

Oh Yah!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snow Boardng

On Saturday Jake and a few friends, Nick and Mitchel went snowboarding...... it seriously started raining in the day! They had a ton of fun and Jake wants to get a pass and go all the time....too bad he did not discover this new found love before we bought all his Christmas gifts!

Too much fun, can't wait to get some cool pics of him..Tatyanah was sick, she wanted to go so bad but she will soon be leaving Jake in her snow!

Classes begin....

Tim did it!!!

He starts school January 5, 2009 for EMT! He was stressing because of his age, the only factor against him, but a huge factor at 18! He was accepted in, the youngest to be accepted but he startts Jan. 5! When he went to school (gr 1-3) I use to put a toy, like a nuja turtle or other such goodies in his back pack as a surprise for his first day..I wonder what I can send now???

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I never get sick and the last few days I have been having a wee watering eye and a wee sniffle of the nose...but last night I was a little achy, I thought from working out for 3 days in a row...but a few hours into the night, if a banket touched me I was in pain, it hurt soooo bad...

In the night I woke up soaked, sweating insane but too tired to get up, I woke up at 5:30 and could not sleep, I felt so much better!

I had my shower and am proud to admit, I feel fabulous!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Today we went to The Boy in Striped Pajamas at the Garneau Theater, it was amazing. Jake and Tim have been WW I and WW II historians and we have been to the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles. They have always had an awareness and respect for those suffering because of the Holocaust. This movie was done with such respect and honesty! When the movie ended, people just sat, it was a horrific time in history and this movie was a good way to keep us aware. When we went to the Holocaust museum in LA, we had the privilege of hearing a survivors story and she made the kids promise to keep the holocaust memory alive and to share their story as they are getting old now. She was beautiful and amazing. She was stamped as a prisoner and survived!