Sunday, May 31, 2009

The boys...I love these Sweet guys!

Caden has always been a special little man in our lives but ow he added a new special guy, Evan Ryan, he is the cutest little peanut! Their mom is amazing too, I love her too!

Tatyanah and Evan
Me and little Evan!

Caden, Evan and Cindy( the amazing mama)

Children's Festival

The Children's Festival is the start of our summers adventures and festivals in Edmonton and area...... this was Tatyanah's first year she was able to volunteer and she was so excited... she, Jake and I were there every day, except Saturday, although Tatyanah was there then too!

You had to pedal the bike super fast and this guy would start talking away and water would trickle from all over him, then he would sneeze and spray water everywhere, the kids loved it! Cindy thought is was... different! Tatyanah is pedaling her butt off!

Here Jake is going like crazy on the bike, the kids loved it!

The cool tree guy!
Jake is obviously having the time of his life!
Watching a show...Rai, Remy, Jake, Tatyanah with Caden in her lap and lots of others!
Jake and Tatyanah were volunteers this year, they had so much fun, they helped in so many areas, it was great to see them working so hard and helping everywhere! I also volunteered but this day I was not with them, here they are working together in paper-making!


Jake's new camera

Jake got a new camera and his pictures are amazing.....

Grandma Farmers new puppy!
The fair from a ferris wheel

Grandma farmers's flowers

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bigger Loser Update

Ok I love Biggest Loser at our gym but I am sad that we are already half way there. I have lost 9 lbs in 4 weeks and love how I feel. Not because the weight loss, it is so darn minimal, but I am so active now, I have all this insane energy!

HOWEVER, I really hurt my right leg BAD. After doing physio and pushing through some excruciating pain. The at a class we were being held by a bungee cord and had to run, my partner accidentally let go and I got a sweet bruise, a big sweet bruise. Then I went camping and fall FLAT on my back and head. I could not move at all. Well after physio, chiropractors and taking it easy, I am feeling mostly functional.

I LOVE my trainer, Amanda, she is this tiny little sprite that I would be terrified to make mad. But she is great, I do not know why but she is somethin' else. She is mean too, pushes so darn hard but she is great!

Then there is my newest partner in crime, Amanda, she does not quit. We are the same size and she is out to lose, pushes me beyond reality. Tonight we worked out for 2 hours and it was awesome, felt great and laughed so hard at times. We did 6 laps, 3 sets of 4 flight stairs, 5 up downs on the back, 10 up downs on the front, 50 jumping jacks, 20 sit ups, 20 push ups, 20 lunges, 20 squats. The rowing machine for 1 hour, the track 3 more times, stretched and tried to walk. It was awesome, gotta be back for class at 6:30 am but looking forward to going!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zoology fieldtrip

The lake at Camp Nakamum

I could not believe the clean beautiful water!

In the woods

The kids and I went exploring and played in the woods.

Our rainbow

Jake and Tatyanah

It rained one aftenoon and when we came out of our little cabin, we were met with a beautiful rainbow!

Our Camping trip Mother's day weekend

Our little home!

Our accommodations... 
We had a 10 bed A frame cabin to ourselves and had so much fun relaxing and spending time together and joining in on the activities!

Proud Moment

He is his own rock star!

Te time has come, Tim is done his classes and now s doing his practicums..... He has already spend nights at a hospital and will be working in the EMS hall for the summer, doing ambulance things. I am so proud of him, he worked hard and did really well. So here is my boy, as an EMT!

A friendly visitor

I will be the first to tell you, I love nature. I love animals. BUT... I draw the line too. I was peacefully reading in my room, walk out basement and on my patio I see this huge things. I tis ot a mouse...some kind of weasel. Takoda is going nuts and I knock on the window and the crazy little fellow comes right to the patio door trying to come in for a visit. After I screamed and scard my own self. I thought logically for a minute, stated breathing again and ran over to my neighbor's house, filled with lovely teenagers to see if they are missing a ferret. Yup they were, came right over and scooped the crazy fellow up and took him home...asked me to keep and eye out for the white one.......AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! Poor fellow never appeared!

trying to find a friend......

Birch Bay Ranch

We went to Birch Bay Ranch for the day, the kids go every year now and love it, it is a highlight of summer. A highlight because camp is so much fun and Mama gets a week alone! I miss the kids like crazy but I love the stories and memories they have. I loved camp as a kid and I am so happy they get to go! There is so much going on, this year Jake and Tatyanah get to go together, doing the ropes. Last year they did horse camp!

before everything is lush and green!
Jakob on the right scaling the wall, as usual!

Tatyanah and Megan doing archery! Megan was adorable, she has a hard time pulling the bow back, she is such a doll.
Nick and Jake, cosmic twins. The only pic I got of them.
Miranda, Victoria, Takoda and Tatyanah, waiting to go on the rope bride and zip line.
A bunch of the kids.....
On a hike through the woods, hoping we were not too lost!