Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Arts High School or Regular High School Decisions!

Tatyanah has to make a choice between to go an Arts School or a great high school close to home! We are struggling with the decision....whats your opinion and thoughts?

Art School
  I can tell you the reason for the Arts school is simple, the kids and staff are incredible. The learning is very arts based and it is involved learning. She will be surrounded by a lot of great people and opportunities to grow as a person in many many areas. The school does not have cliques, it is so weird and amazing.

It is far from home. She will be able to take a bus to school daily but if she needs me to get her after school it will take me about 40 mins to get there. She participates in a lot of after school activities.

Regular High School
The school offers everything she wants to take and it is close to home. She can join any clubs she wants any sports without the distance. If she needs a ride, I am 10 mins away.

The kids are very cliquey in our city. The are a lot of kids that base their identity in 'what they have' and not on who they are, it is a regular school system and I have always had issue with the get the grade but not processing or learning anything.

Regardless of where she goes she wants to attend post secondary, it is easy to do so with both schools. As parents, we want her to have an enriched learning experience. But lets be honest, it is a bit of a drive and that may be hard too.

What do you think???

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Working Out AGAIN

I lost 60 lbs over a year ago. 
I gained 30 back throughout the year. 
I blame Mexico.
I know it is because of me!
I have made a commitment to myself to get back in shape. I have 60 lbs to lose. I have to work super hard. Not because I want to look great for my commitment celebration, not because I will look smokin' hot....
because I miss feeling healthy.
I was so much more energized.
I could run the track and do many laps before i had to walk, now I can not even run one lap.
So yesterday I ate really well, 
I went for 2 long walks outside, over 1 hour each! 
I will do this and finish!
Plus I have the MS Bike Tour coming up (185km ride) in June!
Plus I am marrying my love in July.
Plus I am wanting to fit all the great close I bought.
Mostly I want to feel healthy!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Evening Walk with the Kids

We decided to go for a long walk and the kids showed me this path I never even knew was there and it is just out our door!

Cooking Purple Potatoes and Onions!

 from the Strathcona Farmer's Market!

Add onions but must wear ONION GOGGLES
You can laugh but they actually work!

Lots of fun!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I love reading your thoughts, they are always full of greatness! So please feel free to comment!
So many visitors, so little comments!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Glass Fusion Date Night

Amanda and I wanted to try something different for our date night so we went to a drop in GLASS FUSION
It was so cool! We had a lot of fun! We both created something so similar to each other, it was neat. Amanda made a serving plate and I made coasters. We pick it up in a week, wonder how it will look?

Tatyanah, the little apprentice artist

Tatyanah loves creating art so she asked Amanda to help her do something amazing and this is what she did. I love how Amanda walked with her through it but would not do ANY of it for her. Tatyanah was super proud of her tree she painted in the end!

Sometimes Mama A is a bit of a weirdo! But we love her!

An Afternoon of Fun

The kids had a workshop at the University for Fyrefly in Schools, Standing up for LGBTQ kids in school and presenting to schools. So Amanda and I hit Whyte Ave to have some fun!

One of our many music stores we hit, we love this store because they encourage you to play with the instruments and of course Amanda was in music heaven!

And we went to Block 1912 for lunch, so so so so good!

I had the best London Fog I have ever had! I wish you could taste the creamy yummy drink!

We went to so many unique, fun shops it was great! Of course we also hit the Farmer's Market and got loads of great things; Peanut butter chicken soup, perogies and all the fixings, fresh cucumbers, big huge bright purple cabbage! It was fabulous!

We spent 3 hours just walking and enjoying ourselves and the beautiful Whyte Ave!

Day 1 of Learners

Happy new driver!
After a 'few' tries, Jake finally gets his learners and can drive, he is pretty good actually, except he takes corners really WIDE and turns a lot!

Learning to Draw

I decided to learn how to draw, Amanda is an amazing painter and artist and Tatyanah is seriously great at art. I wanted to draw, so I thought I would try! Here is my first 2 things I drew! Not to bad, not amazing but still kind of happy!

The Amazing Artist Amanda

I do not know what has happened to Amanda lately but she has gone crazy with painting, it is crazy the stuff she is coming up with! She is now starting to paint for an Art Gallery for a fundraising project. I love watching her paint and seeing what she comes up with, it is incredible! I love it, I love her!

Oil~ City of Ember

Oil~ Fall

Oil~ Unknown

For our room

I love it! I love how she creates, she does really amazing things!
Her website is

Midwife Of Venice

For book club this month, Terrill picked the Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich.

I LOVE this book, I could not put it down! I red it in 2 days and I loved it so much. When ever I thought I had things figured out and could predict what was happening next, then something else would happen and change everything. I loved the writing!
I love Hannah! She is everything! Smart. Strong. Resourceful. Honest. Loyal. True. Beautiful.

I can't wait for book club for this one, I love the ladies we meet with. We have a unique strong group of woman who have very different views but so many great discussions come from us!

I look forward to many many more books.....soon to come!