Sunday, November 4, 2012

There was this little boy....

There was this little boy, he stole my heart. 

My sweet baby boy Timothy. I can't help but think of him as his sweet little person. He was the best baby, totddler and child. He was an easy teenager, until he was 16 and it was time to let him go be his own person. 

He could always do anything, everything really, with ease and perfection. Nothing was a struggle for him, he was a natural at most things, except math, he didn't like it but he did great in it.

In this picture, we came to visit Canada and he went to the skatepark, broke his wrist and got himself to the hospital. He didn't have his cell phone, so some random guy drove him there. He checked himself in and had someone call.

He was so calm and did great.

He was starting to be his own person by then.

He always was his own person.

He could fly!

He did everything he wanted. He decided to do Urban Gymnastics and I would find him flying between buildings, flipping off structures and running up walls. 

He graduated early, he just turned 16 a week prior. And had already attended college.

He was always that kind of guy.

He is my heartbeat, he is my boy and now in a few weeks he will be Kassia's husband.
That sounds so strange to me. 

I love her, she is fabulous. 

I love this boy, he will always be my boy. She ca have him as a man, he is hers. But he will always be my boy. I never thought this would feel so strange. I am so happy for them. This sweet boy who everyone has always loved is now getting married and I love him so.

There was a little boy...who stole his mama's heart.....and still dances in her soul...
that has grown to be a strong beautiful man..

My Timothy

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