Saturday, November 24, 2012

My Life Right Now

Simple point terms

-My son, Tim, just got married at 22 in the Dominican to a beautiful amazing woman....I love her

-My son that just got married is often a jerk to me...I still love him

-Jake is 6'3 and 17, in grade 12 and doing pretty good academically which is not the most important part of school for me, he is having a great time and dating a girl, kind of cute as he is very unexperienced in dating, or talking to girls

-Tatyanah made A in ringette and has the most amazing coaches, she is doing fabulous in school and such a great kid, she can be moody sometimes but she is incredible

-I have been married to the love of my life for 5 1/2 months and I still get butterflies everyday from her, she is so beautiful, her humour is crazy, her heart is HUGE and she keeps me grounded, she is fabulous

-I love my 4 pets; Gia, the moody cat who hates all animals but snuggles like a baby, Lola, the shy cat who is kind and gentle all the time but does not snuggle except me and once in a blue moon Amanda, Charlie our crazy rat terrier that is completely in love with any toy but so smart and fun and Idgie, our Bichon/lab cross who is 4 months and chews everything, eats poop, flops her growing body everywhere and is the most lovable creature ever.

- I love my dayhome, it is what I love to do most, I have the best job for me, it is full of laughter and love every day. I have a blog for my dayhome, you can check it out if you want..

- I have the greatest friends that make me smile every day. I always have different people to do things with and always someone to talk to.  My friends are the most kind, open, loving, crazy people. We always have a great time together.

- I am always happy, I feel sad or tired at times but very seldom. I love life,

- I love paddleboarding, so much fun.

-My life is not perfect but it is the perfect life for me.

- I miss some people in my life lots sometimes.

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